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Biozoon SmoothBread – Shaping Texturiser – 5kg


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SmoothBread 5 kg Bucket

Special SmoothBread powder for the easy production of texture modified  SmoothBread for a safe swallowing experience. The Smoothbread powder is ​​the latest inovation from the dysphagia food specialist, Biozoon UK.

Ingredients: gluten, maltodextrin, whey protein, fat powder, agar agar, xanthan gum

Features and Application:

In addition to the main meal, breakfast, and dinner play an important role in social participation. One of the most popular staple foods is bread. It is an integral part of every meal plan, morning and evening.

For people with swallowing disorders (dysphagia), there are only limited solutions – these are frozen “bread plates” that are spread while frozen and then have to thaw together with the spread for up to 6 hours. The bread is then so soft that it can only be eaten with a spoon.

With the SmoothBread powder, Biozoon UK is taking a different, new approach using bread always found in the kitchen. The basic requirement for the production of homemade pureed bread is the production of a pureed base, which consists of the dried bread and water. Regardless of the type of bread, the appropriate amount of “SmoothBread powder” is then added to the base mixture, and the whole thing is then “baked” in a bread pan in a convection oven for two hours. After cooling in the mold, the pureed bread can be cut, spread, and served to the residents. The bread is so stable that it can be picked with your fingers and it melts in your mouth without any pieces and without chewing. The finished SmoothBread is characterized by the following properties

  • High protein content
  • Authentic bread taste
  • Easy sliced & Speadable

The contents of the 5 kg bucket are enough for 25 loaves of bread (approx. 500 slices)