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Texture Defined Bread

What options are there with our smooth bread?

Breakfast and dinner are an important part of care for residents/patients. Bread plays a crucial role as the most popular staple food and is an integral part of every menu – unfortunately often not for people who suffer from chewing and swallowing difficulties.

Biozoon UK also offers a solution here that is unique in the world:

Based on the bread, water, and a special SmoothBread powder, you can produce an authentic, consistency-defined bread that is very close to the original in appearance and taste.

Thanks to its soft structure, it can be spread on immediately after it has cooled down and is so firm that those affected can eat it either as finger food or with a knife and fork. It is important that the finished product can be eaten without chewing which makes swallowing easier.

​The finished bread is characterized by a protein content that is up to 30% higher than conventional bread and can therefore make an important contribution to combating malnutrition among those affected.

Frequently asked questions:

How to make SmoothBread