What is AIR with Flavour?

  • An innovative system that turns liquid into intensely flavoured foam bubbles
  • Foam bubbles can be placed in the mouth which instantly dissolve without the need to swallow.
  • Allows patients who are nil by mouth an amazing taste of their favourite flavour
  • Provides comfort and improves quality of life helping to minimize the anxiety and distress of being nil by mouth
  • Can greatly assist in rehabilitation producing quality dry swallows

Who is it suitable for?

  • It has been used in many settings including; EOL care, palliative, ICU, stroke spinal injury, rehab, MND and with children

What is in the sachets?

  • There are two food grade ingredients which are Maltodextrin and Soy Lecithin, these help to emulsify the liquid and stabilise the foam. They are unflavoured.

Can it be used with any liquids?

  • Apart from milk products it works well with most liquids no thicker than a level one, including alcohol beverages, juices, coffee, curry sauce, gravy etc

How often can someone have it?

  • There is no limit to how much someone can have, this is normally down to how the individual copes and manages it

Do I need a new sachet each time?

  • A new sachet is required each time a fresh liquid is prepared. Once prepared the liquid can be re-foamed a number of times for continued enjoyment.

Is it safe?

  • Whilst we always recommend it is used under professional supervision, it is certainly a low risk alternative to other tasting options.

Does it leave any residue?

  • Residue from the aerated bubbles is minimal and quickly dissolves with a patients normal saliva.

Can it stimulate swallows?

  • Yes, depending on the liquid used i.e. Citrus lemon, it can increase saliva production and stimulate the swallow reflex.

Can it be used multi patient?

  • The pump and tubing can be used multi patient, the pipettes are classed as single use

How do I clean the equipment?

  • The recommended method for general cleaning of the pump and tubing is with a green Clinell wipe. The pipettes are sold as single use.

Is it available on prescription?

  • At this moment the products are unavailable on prescription?

What evidence is available?

  • Marketed as a quality of life product we don’t have much research or any clinical evidence available. There are a number of trusts and independents collecting data as they use it, this will hopefully be available in due course.

How much does it cost?

All prices are displayed on the website –

  • Starter Kit (inc pump, tubing, 5 x sachets, 5 x pipettes)
  • AIR with Flavour sachets (100 Packs)
  • Aeration pipettes (90 Pack)

How long has it been around for?

  • Introduced into the UK around 5 years ago, it is only recently become popular through increased product awareness and word of mouth