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Biozoon UK is operated by RGS Group.

With over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry, we are excited to be able to offer products to help those with eating and swallowing disorders.

The Biozoon UK products offer persons who cannot eat and drink normally the opportunity to taste and experience foods that they may not be able to enjoy due to dysphagia and other medical issues including being nil by mouth.

Biozoon products provide a complete solution for dysphagia catering and dining, for all food textures foreseen by the IDDSI at a high nutritional level.

We are very passionate about our products due to the quality of life improvements they can bring, and work closely with speech & language therapists to enable persons to experience this.


As we carry stocks in the UK, we are able to offer Express Delivery on all our products

All orders placed before 1pm will be dispatched the same working day, and are usually delivered within 2 working days.