Smoothfood Gelea Cold for shaping texture modified foods

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Smoothfood Gelea instant cold is an easy to use innovative food texturiser designed to help persons with dysphagia, creating texture modified shaped food that looks attractive, tastes appealing and resembles the appearance of food!


Recipe for spaghetti using Gelea instant cold and the smoothfood silicone spaghetti mould

Ingredients Spaghetti
500 g Pasta (cooked)
300 ml Cold water
30 g Parmesan (grated)
200 ml Vegetable Oil
40 g GELEA cold
Salt, nutmeg To taste

Easy Preparation & Heating Instructions

Blend the cooked pasta, water, oil, parmesan and seasonings to a very fine puree for 5 minutes. Use of a machine blender is recommended

Add the GELEA instant cold and stir in for 20 seconds.

Spread the mixture into the spaghetti food mould and place in the freezer. The product must be frozen.

To heat the product is to use a combi steamer at 100°C with 50 %  steam for about 12-15 minutes depending on the required core temperature.