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The MC3 is a safe replacement for the sponge mouth swab. The cone-shaped head and soft round filaments soothe the tongue and soft tissues when cleansing the inside of the mouth. The extended handle is easy grip and allows good access to the back of the mouth.

Patient groups who will benefit from MC3 are those in intensive care / critical care, stroke and other neurological patients, head & neck oncology patients, elderly mentally ill patients, and those dependent on mouth care.

The Mc3 is used to help prevent the risk factors associated with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia and other systemic diseases. To ensure good mouth care is achieved, include the MC3 in all oral health care plans for vulnerable people.

The Mc3 can be used:

  • To moisten the lips, tongue and soft tissues inside the mouth with water, water based gels and mouth rinses.
  • To clean a coated tongue.
  • To remove retained food and debris from the mouth.
  • To remove sticky tenacious secretions, crusty plugs on the palate and stringy saliva following cancer therapy treatment.
  • As an aid for oral desensitisation techniques for people with swallow problems, special requirements, and or learning disabilities.

Instructions for use:

The MC3 can be used wet or dry. Remove MC3 swab from the sleeve and rinse in cold water if required.

  • To remove food and debris, gently sweep around the soft tissues inside the mouth, use a rotation action.
  • For a coated tongue, moisten MC3 swab with water or water based gel and gently sweep across the tongue from the base to the tip of the tongue.
  • For lubricating the mouth – dip the MC3 swab in water, mouth rinse, or water-based gel, and gently sweep around the mouth.
  • Oral desensitisation can be achieved by ensuring repeated desensitisation techniques as advised by a health and care professional.

After use, clean and rinse The MC3 swab thoroughly under running cold water and allow to air dry. Single patient use – discard after 12 hours. For critical care and intensive care units follow local procedure for rinsing with sterile water or discarding after single use.

Do not use if the packaging is open or the filaments / handle appear damaged. 


  • Seek advice from a senior member of staff if the mouth is severely ulcerated.
  • Discard the MC3 Swab after each use if a patient has a Candida Infection (Thrush) in the mouth.
  • For patients with swallowing difficulties or a bite reflex, ensure no filaments have fallen into the mouth if the patient bites down on the the MC3 Swab. In the event filaments are bitten off and are in the mouth, these can be removed with a moistened gauze, a new the MC3 Swab or a clean, soft-headed toothbrush.

The MC3 is NOT designed to clean teeth, use a toothbrush and toothpaste! 

Storage: There are no special storage requirements for the unopened packs.

Additional Information 

Good oral hygiene is essential for improving and maintaining general health and well-being. People who are medically or cognitively compromised may require mouthcare several times throughout the day to limit the risk factors associated with Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia and other systemic diseases.