AIR with Flavour® Mixing Instructions

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1. For best results, always use clean glass or a beaker

2. Pour approximately 50 ml of the chosen liquid into the glass or beaker

3. Add the contents of one sachet of AIR with Flavour to approximately to the liquid stirring immediately until the powder is mixed.

4. Leave to stand for a minute and stir lightly again.

5. Place the pipette onto the tubing from the Air Pump, switch the pump on, and gently insert the pipette into the glass or beaker of liquid.

6. Continue holding the pipette in the liquid as it starts to foam up

7. Once the foam reaches the top of the glass or beaker you can stop the pump and spoon the foam off.

8. The liquid can be re-foamed numerous times to continue enjoying the taste!

Please Note: When foaming alcohol or very sweet liquids it is advised to dilute it slightly with water to improve the foaming action.