Instructions for use of Biozoon Air Set

Step 1

Ensure you have the air pump, disposable pipette, tubing and instant air sachet ready

Step 2

Push one end of the tubing onto the air pump outlet

Step 3

Push the other end of the tubing onto the thin end of the disposable pipette

Step 4

Pour approximately 50ml of the chosen liquid into a clean glass (neat alcohol requires diluting)

Step 5

Tear open a sachet of instant air powder and shake into the liquid

Step 6

Stir the powder into the liquid ensuring it is well mixed

Step 7

Switch on the air pump and insert the pipette into the liquid

Step 8

The air is forced through micro holes in the pipette and starts creating the light airy foam

Step 9

Allow the airy foam to rise out of the glass and then turn the pump off

Step 10

The airy foam can be scooped off and served immediately or used as a topping for other food

Step 11

Airy foam is instantly soluble and allows taste stimulation or mouth moistening without the need of swallowing

Step 12

The liquid can be re-foamed to continue the fantastic taste experience