AIR with Flavour® Instant Sachets Sticks – 100pk

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AIR with Flavour® Instant Sachets Sticks – 100pk


The Biozoon seneoPro® AIR-Instant Sticks for use with the Air-Set pump kit

100 Pack

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Add contents of stick AIR with Flavour sachets to 50ml of liquid (fruit juice, soup, coffee, wine, etc). Mix together in a tall glass with a spoon and then foam the liquid with the AIR SET pump to create a foam. Spoon the foam out of the glass and serve.

Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too · Free from gluten and lactose

No other appliance makes it so easy to create airy, tasty foam.

Simply follow the description and plug together pump, tube and disposable pipette, place the pipette in the glass containing the liquid to be frothed and off you go.

The air from the pump flows through the tube and the fine holes in the disposable pipette. In this way, fine-pored, aromatic foam can be created from almost any liquid by adding AIR instant.

The foam can be simply scooped off the top with a spoon and served immediately or used as a topping for other dishes.

The pump is battery-operated and can therefore be used directly at the patient’s bedside, by care staff on the ward, or by family carers at home.