Amazing feedback from Steps Rehabilitation

Biozoon has been a popular tool at STEPS REHABILITATION amongst clients and the SLT team.

For quality of life:
One individual who had had a stroke who was left with a chronic and severe oro-pharyngeal dysphagia, Biozoon was essential with regards to maintaining and enhancing quality of life. They were nil by mouth and oral intake came with a high risk of    aspiration.  Biozoon was used initially as part of swallow therapy but eventually was an intervention which improved their  quality of life, enabling them to experience tastes with a reduced risk of aspiration as well as contributing to oral comfort. The client was very adventurous with what flavours they wanted to experience from whisky to hot chocolate to fish sauce! Biozoon was something that the client looked forward to on a daily basis and it continues to be part of their daily routine now they have been discharged.

We have used Biozoon with clients whom have been nil by mouth for prolonged periods of time (6 months to 18 months) post injury. This for some clients is a starting point to experiencing taste and swallowing again. In the early days of swallow          rehabilitation it is a helpful and low risk option in our toolkit to promote dry swallows. For some, it can give them their first taste (other than toothpaste) in a long time and thus contributes to enhancing quality of life.