Smoothfood SeneoPro SPUMA Instant – 1.5kg

Smoothfood SeneoPro SPUMA Instant – 1.5kg


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Smoothfood seneoPro SPUMA instant

Fast and simple production of stable food foams
Content: 1.5kg
Ingredients: maltodextrin, methyl cellulose gelling agent, xanthan thickening agent
SPUMA instant is an innovative food product for use in catering, homes and for care patients at home.With SPUMA instant, many different types of food can be transformed into a foam which – thanks to its enlarged surface – optimizes the taste. SPUMA instant is the first product which makes it possible to produce stable foams quickly and with up to 50% oil content.
– Up to 50% oil can be added
– Powder mix for universal use
Instruction: No preparation needed, powder can be added directly and dissolves immediately. Foams can be made with a cream siphon or a hand mixer.


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