Smoothbrot Smooth Bread Instant – 5kg – Biozoon UK

Smoothbrot Smooth Bread Instant – 5kg – Biozoon UK

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Smoothbrot Smooth Bread Instant

Content: 5kg

Safe and delicious

Enjoying bread with chewing and swallowing problems

Easily swallowable bread offers people who are unable to eat normal bread due to chewing or swallowing difficulties, the opportunity to enjoy the traditional cereal product again.

Texture generator for a successful breading experience

  • simple preparation in a box baking pan
  • Making with your own bread
  • safe and easy to swallow bread experience
  • authentic bread taste
  • cut resistant and passable
  • Up to 30% higher protein content compared to conventional bread in the finished state
  • suitable for vegetarians

Easy preparation:
300g roughly crushed bread soak for about 1 hour in 700g of water.
Then puree the total mass for approx. 30 seconds (preferably RobotCoupe Blixer or similar).
Add 200g of the smoothBrot mixture.

Use a (25 x 11 x 7cm ) Tin and place in the combi steamer at 115 ° C, 100% steam, covered with foil, bake / steam for approx. 1.5 hours.
Allow the finished bread to cool in the tin, then remove and serve.


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