Air with Flavour® – Starter Kit includes air set pump, AIR instant sachets & pipettes

Air with Flavour® – Starter Kit includes air set pump, AIR instant sachets & pipettes


Air with Flavour® allows persons who are unable to eat and drink, the ability to taste again. The flavoured foams are designed for persons who have difficulty in swallowing, have dysphagia or are usually tube fed. The Air with Flavour powder is mixed with your chosen liquid and aerated with micro air bubbles to create a light airy foam, this can be spooned off and given to the person who has difficulty swallowing providing them with an instant intense taste experience! The foam instantly dissolves leaving no liquid or solids in the mouth.


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About the product

Air with Flavour® creates light, airy foams suitable for persons who can no longer take in any oral nourishment due to dysphagia or other swallowing disorders and therefore must be usually fed through a PEG tube. e.g. as a result of Stoke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis (MS),  tumours to the mouth or throat and Palliative Care. Also very effective for end of life care mouth moistening and “taste for pleasure” experience – a safe alternative to oral hygiene swabs.

With Air with Flavour® smell and taste memory can be stimulated basally through intensive flavours and aromas. This type of stimulation is mostly used in intensive and palliative care. A patient who is fed through a tube experiences no taste stimulation. Feeding him light foam with an intensive taste, which does not need to be swallowed, opens up a new quality of life through the taste experience activated by the airy foams. This technique is known as basal stimulation.

The airy foams, which can be made with AIR instant in almost every conceivable flavour, leaving no liquid or solid food in the mouth, providing an intensive taste experience. For the patient that means the taste stimulus is there although he cannot take in any nourishment independently. Above all in the case of patients suffering from a stroke or brain injury, this type of stimulation can often be the first step towards initiating the swallowing reflex.

Air with Flavour® foams can be created from almost any liquid with AIR instant® including: tea, coffee, juices, beer, red wine, whisk, soup, broth etc. Simple to use with quick and easy preparation.

Purely vegetable-based, therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans too · Free from gluten and lactose.

The air pump is battery-operated and can therefore be used directly at the patient’s bedside, by care staff on the ward, or by family members at home. The unit does not require PAT testing.

Who can benefit

  • Persons with Dysphagia
  • Enteral, Parenteral or PEG nutrition patients
  • Stroke sufferers
  • Parkinson & Alzheimer sufferers
  • Recovering victims of traumatic brain injury
  • Palliative care patients – taste for pleasure
  • End of life care, mouth moistening – alternative to oral hygiene swabs

Top features

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Instantly soluble, nothing is swallowed
  • Can be used with most liquids
  • Provides intense taste satisfaction
  • Purely vegetable based, suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Gluten & lactose free

When life is at its toughest this small piece of enjoyment should not be disregarded, but instead promoted as a key step in healing and enhancing life quality. Add a new dimension to life!

The kit comprises:

1 x Air Set Pump
2 x Food-safe tubing
5 x Disposable micro pipettes for hygienic use
5 x Air Instant Sticks sachets

Also requires 2 x D Cell Batteries (not included)


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